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How to Fit Tongue and Groove Wall Panels

How to Fit Tongue and Groove Wall Panels

Tongue and groove wall panels, such as those from National Plastics, are extremely easy to install. They do not require any specialist tools or skills, so you can undertake the job yourself. In this blog we look at how to fit new PVC tongue and groove wall panels that will result in a professional looking finish.

Tools Required

There are a few tools we would recommend having to hand when you start fitting your new tongue and groove wall panels. These include:

Step 1:

Tape measure Pencil

Spirit level Stanley knife Set square Staple gun Adhesive

Measure your Walls

It is important to measure your walls and your panels correctly to ensure a professional finish.

Measure the trim

Measure the wall and then measure and cut your trims to the required length using a Stanley knife or a saw. Be careful when using sharp tools!

Measure Your First Panel

Measure and mark your first wall panel. If the last panel on your wall ends at a corner, cut the first one to width, which will result in a full panel at the finished end.

Step 2: Prepare your Walls

The nest step is to prepare your walls for installation. Look at the condition of your walls or your existing tiles – yes, you can fit wall panels directly over your current wall tiles! PVC wall panels are extremely forgiving, so the surface does not have to be completely smooth. However, any loose tiles or other prominent wall covering should be removed, and the remaining walls wiped clean of any residue. Once you’ve done this, and your walls are completely dry, you are ready to install your new tongue and groove wall panels.

Step 3: Fit the trim

You first need to fit your trims. Once you have cut your trims to length, they can be fixed to the wall with adhesive or 4mm counter sunk screws. If you’re using adhesive, we would advise using low modulus silicone, moisture cure or solvent free adhesive.

Step 4: Mount Your Panels

You can now start fitting your wall panels!

  1. First apply adhesive or silicone to the back of the panel in a zig zag pattern.

  2. Fit your first panel into the fitted trim and press to the wall firmly to assure good adhesion.

    Now fix your second panel, remembering to fit the tongue into the groove and pressing the

    panel firmly to the wall.

  3. If you’re installing your panel above a bath or in a shower, add a bead of silicone to the

    rear of the tongue before fitting it to the groove.

  4. To ensure a straight finish, it is important to frequently check your panels with a spirit


  5. Repeat the above processes, ensuring the pattern aligns on the panels as you fix them.

  6. To complete any ends and to give your wall panels a truly professional finish, add an end

    cap, and push firmly into place.

Hopefully, this blog has provided you with some hints and tips on how to install your new tongue and groove, but if you have any further questions call our friendly, expert team today on 0800 22 77 77 for more guidance.

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