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Small bathroom, but big ideas? National Plastics can help

Small bathroom, but big ideas? National Plastics can help

Just because you are limited for space in your bathroom, does not mean you have to limit your imagination. Small bathrooms can be just as stylish, spacious, and practical – all it takes is a little bit of creativity. We’re often asked for small bathroom ideas, so our experts have put together a few design solutions which we hope will provide inspiration and get you started on your small bathroom transformation journey.

Perfect planning

When working with a small space, planning is key. Look closely at the layout of your bathroom and draw a variety of plans to help you find the best places for your bathroom furniture.

To create the illusion of space, it is best to keep your small bathroom floor as clear as possible. For example, why not consider installing a ‘floating’ sink, which does not require a pedestal, or a smaller bath? If you have the budget, you could even transform your entire bathroom into a wet room. All these options will help to keep your floor clear, look bigger, and may even help to provide more room for that all important storage.

In terms of storage in a small bathroom, it is best to think less about floor space and more about wall space – you can even utilise your ceiling by using stylish hanging storage solutions. Built-in storage is another way of keeping free standing cupboards and boxes out of the way and maximising floor space. You can also be a bit more creative and use those little nooks and crannies that many small bathrooms have, to create shelves and smaller storage spaces.

Tile trickery

When it comes to decorating a small bathroom, you have more choice than you may think. Firstly, when it comes to choosing bathroom tiles, we would recommend using larger tiles rather than smaller ones. These will help to create the illusion of a larger space – and by using the same tiles on the wall as the floor, you can enhance this roomy feeling even more.

Tiles are also a fantastic way of creating optical illusions. For example, by using horizontal tiles, such as our Subway tile design, you can create the impression of width. You can also be more creative than you think – for example why not try using two different styles, but the same colour, of tile in your small bathroom? This will add interest without being too overwhelming.

When choosing a colour for your tiles and walls, the most obvious choice is white. Whilst lighter tones will help to keep your small bathroom light and airy, do not limit your options by ignoring the darker shades, as these can help to create a more intimate, cosy feeling bathroom.

Whichever colour you choose, it is recommended that you use the same colour throughout your entire bathroom. This will help to blend walls and ceilings, rather than highlighting your bathroom’s width and length. Painting the woodwork the same colour as your walls, will also help to further enhance the feeling of space.

Illuminating ideas

Lighting is crucial in creating space in a small bathroom. By planning the locations of your lights and working with natural light from your bathroom window, your bathroom will appear brighter and airier.

Mirrors are also an effective way of creating the illusion of space – reflecting space and light back into the room to make your bathroom appear twice as big as it really is.

If you have a small bathroom and are looking for inspirational ideas, talk to our knowledgeable team today about the products National Plastics can offer to help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams.

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