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Soffit Selection Simplified: A Guide to Different Types for Your Home

Soffit Selection Simplified: A Guide to Different Types for Your Home

A soffit is an integral part of your roofline. Not only does it add style, but it also plays a vital role in protecting the exposed areas of your roof. If you’re unsure about the role of your soffit or the many soffit options available, hopefully this blog will help and guide you in the right direction.

Soffits: What are They?

As mentioned above, a soffit is an essential part of your roofline system. It is the flat board that is tucked away underneath the fascia board and covers the roof overhang from below. This means it can protect the exposed part of the roof between the external wall and the fascia.

The purpose of a soffit is threefold:

Aesthetics – a well fitted, coordinated soffit can help improve the exterior look of a home. They can also help to conceal electrical wiring, plumbing and other fixtures that run along the underside of the roof.

Protection – As mentioned above, a soffit provides protection. It prevents damage being caused to the roof rafters from the elements, insects, and other pests.

Ventilation – It is important to consider ventilation when installing a new soffit. A soffit creates a ‘boxed’ area along the roofline, which although prevents moisture from entering the roof cavity, can also prevent moisture from escaping. This can lead to the build-up of mould. Vented soffit boards allow air to circulate, helping to prevent condensation.

Types of Soffits

Hollow soffits

Hollow soffit boards are lightweight, cost-effective, and durable. They are easy to handle and therefore easy to install, especially at height.

Solid soffits

General purpose, or solid soffits are the most popular choice of soffit board. Being solid, they are extremely long lasting and robust, and will help to protect your roof against most weathers. PVC solid soffit boards are also easy to clean and maintain, requiring only a rinse or wipe with clean water to keep them looking like new.

Vented soffits

As mentioned above, it is important to keep your roof area well ventilated. These soffit boards are vented during the manufacturing process which ensures air can flow through the soffit into the roof space to prevent damp and other moisture related issues.

In addition to the various compositions, soffits are also available in a variety of designs and colours. Here at National Plastics we offer both plain and woodgrain soffits. Our plain soffits come in traditional white and black, as well as contemporary anthracite grey, whilst our woodgrain soffits are available in anthracite grey, Sherwood, black ash, and rosewood. This means you can match your new soffit to your home and existing roofline.

Which Soffit is Right For Me?

This is a personal choice. Both hollow and solid soffit boards will do the job perfectly well, with both being durable and able to withstand most weathers. Ventilation is key in preventing the development of damp so we would always recommend buying either a pre-vented soffit board or installing eave or roof vents. With regards to colour and finish, this will depend on your personal preference and the style and colour of your existing roofline. So the soffit that is right for you, is one which will protect and ventilate your roof area, and blend beautifully with the rest of your home.

Explore Our Range Soffit

If you would like to know more about our range of soffits, or further advice on which soffit is right for you and your home, call our friendly team today on 0800 22 77 77.

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