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What are the most common drainage problems?

What are the most common drainage problems?

Keeping rainwater away from your home is key to maintaining both its looks and its structure. Installing an effective draining system will help to ensure this, but you must be aware that problems can arise. However, knowing what these problems are will help you identify and resolve them quickly before any lasting damage is done.

Size does matter

If rainwater is overflowing, it may be that you have the wrong sized guttering system for your home. Increased rainfall is putting increased pressure on our traditional half circle and half square PVC guttering systems, causing many systems to overflow. In response, the industry has introduced deeper PVC guttering systems, which have been specifically designed to handle larger amounts of water. Not only are these new PVC drainage systems more capable, they are also helping to improve the look of your home as less downpipes are required to carry water away.

Beat the blockage

Another common cause of drainage problems is blocked guttering and downpipes. This can be caused by birds building nests or leaves, moss and other natural debris becoming lodged and clogging up your PVC Guttering System. If left, these blockages could cause serious damage to your home. However, by simply clearing and cleaning your PVC guttering systems on a regular basis you can prevent any lasting damage and ensure your drainage system is working to the best of its ability.

Limiting leaks

Leaks, particularly around joints, are also an everyday issue for drainage systems. Whilst small leaks may not appear to be problematic, if left, they can affect the performance of your PVC guttering system. Damaged mouldings, such as fascia brackets, unions, corners, and downpipe clip, can also cause problems. The answer is to keep a close eye on your drainage system, identify any areas of damage quickly and resolve issues when they first appear.

If you think your PVC guttering system is suffering from any of these common problems and you’re not sure how to resolve them, talk to a local, reputable supplier or trades person, who will be able to help.

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