What type of PVC guttering do I need?

What type of PVC guttering do I need?

Rainwater systems ensure that any water which runs down your roof is safely directed into guttering and down a downpipe. This water is then taken into the main underground system or allowed to run off to a soak away. Ensuring this PVC drainage system works effectively is imperative to the continued look and safety of your home.

Most homeowners will have half round or square guttering. However, when updating your drainage system do not always assume that replacing like-for-like is the best option for you and your home.

Heavier rainfall patterns are beginning to put these traditional guttering systems to the test, and many are no longer capable of handling this increased amount of water. The result is that many drainage systems overflow, which, if left, can cause damage to the exterior of a building and longer-term ingress. The answer is a deeper guttering system.

Going deeper

There is now a wide range of PVC rainwater systems available that include deeper round, square and Ogee guttering designs, all of which have greater capacity. These systems can handle a higher volume of water than a conventional half round, helping to keep more rainwater away from your home. The choice of square or round is entirely a personal one and will probably depend on the style of your home. The Ogee system includes decorative detailing and is ideally suited to low level roofs, such as single-story extensions or conservatories, where they can be seen and appreciated.

Downpipe decisions

When upgrading your rainwater system, you also need to consider your downpipes – particularly their number and position. A benefit of the new larger capacity PVC roofline drainage systems is the need for less downpipes. For example, if you live in a standard detached house and have chosen a deep square or round gutter, you will usually require only one downpipe on the front elevation and one on the back. Not only is this enough to take water away from the roof, but it also helps to improve the overall aesthetic of your home. However, if you live in a semi-detached or terraced house you may need more downpipes due to one side of your home (the one attached to your neighbour) not having any drainage at all. By doing your research first, you can make sure you get the most effective drainage system whilst retaining the look of your home.

When choosing a new PVC guttering system it is definitely worth considering the deeper options. By installing higher volume rainwater systems you are helping to future proof your home and keep it protected from the elements for longer.If you’re still unsure which PVC guttering system is best for you, talk to a reputable local supplier who will be able to advise and guide you through your choices.

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