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Are Bathroom Wall Panels Suitable for Small Spaces? Space-Saving Strategies

Are Bathroom Wall Panels Suitable for Small Spaces? Space-Saving Strategies

Whilst having a small bathroom may limit you on space, it doesn’t have to limit your imagination. Using the right materials to create a beautiful airy aesthetic, can make even the smallest of rooms appear more spacious. This blog will look at how wall panels can help you achieve this and hopefully provide you with inspiration to transform your small bathroom.

Importance of space-saving in small bathrooms

If you have a small bathroom, creating space will help the room feel less cluttered and cramped, which in turn will help you feel more relaxed and rejuvenated. Space-saving tips, such as installing a ‘floating’ sink’, creating recesses which can act as shelves, and using mirrors to create the illusion of space and light, are all ways you can achieve a more spacious feeling bathroom.

Benefits of Bathroom Wall Panels for Small Spaces

Bathroom wall panels are ideal for small spaces.

Aesthetic Appeal

Bathroom wall panels come in a variety of different colours, designs and styles. From opulent marble effect to contemporary concrete effect you are sure to find a panel that suits you and your bathroom. Wall panels also have less joins than traditional tiles, which provides a cleaner, more fluent finish.

Durability and Maintenance

PVC bathroom wall panels are extremely durable, being able to withstand knocks and scraps without breaking. This makes them ideal for high use areas such as bathrooms. In addition to being durable and long lasting, they are also easy to maintain, requiring only a wipe with a clean damp cloth to keep them looking like new.

Water Resistance

Bathroom wall panels are 100% waterproof and do not require any grout to be installed. Combined, this reduces the risk of mould developing and makes them an extremely hygienic wall covering option.

Types of Bathroom Wall Panels Available

As mentioned above, there is a plethora of different style of bathroom wall panel available. Here are just a few:

Marble effect panels

Create the opulence of marble without the cost, by choosing marble-effect bathroom wall panels. These panels come in an array of colours and enable you to produce a high-end finish on a more realistic budget.

Stone effect panels

Achieve the look of real solid stone, but without the associated product and installation costs, with a stone effect PVC bathroom wall panel. Available in a wide range of neutral tones and patterns, these stone effect wall panels will enable you to create an elegant and enduring bathroom.

Sparkle effect panels

If you’re looking for a more modern finish, why not add a touch of sparkle with contemporary sparkle effect wall panels? Available in white, black, and platinum, these panels will create the ultimate on-trend appearance.

Wood effect panels

Bring a natural warmth into your home with beautiful wood effect bathroom wall panels. Available in a range of natural and contemporary tones, these panels emulate the beauty of real timber but will all the added benefits of PVC.

Chrome strip panels

If you’re looking for the ultimate modern finish, why not choose gloss white with chrome strip bathroom wall panels? These PVC wall panels are easy to install and even easier to look after, so you can spend more time relaxing in your new contemporary bathroom and less time cleaning it.

Tile effect panels

Recreate the sophistication of authentic tile with lightweight tile effect PVC bathroom wall panels. From traditional sandstone to contemporary Subway, you are sure to find a tile effect wall panel that reflects your style and complements your bathroom.

Plain panels

If you’re looking for a classic, clean finish, then a traditional plain bathroom wall panel in either white or cream, would be ideal. Offering both a matt and a gloss finish, these panels, and complementary trims and accessories, will make an impact in an understated, timeless way.

Space-Saving Strategies with Wall Panels

Wall panels are perfect for smaller bathrooms for many reasons.

Seamless Installation

As mentioned above, bathroom wall panels have less seams than traditional tiles or wallpaper. This seamless finish helps to extend you walls rather than shorter them, helping to create a sense of space.

Light-Reflective Surfaces

Light reflective surfaces act in a similar way to a mirror, reflecting light back into the room to create an airy, bright ambience. This too, will help to make the room feel larger than it really is.

Slim Profile Panels

Slim profile bathroom wall panels are the perfect choice for a small bathroom. As they are so slim they do not encroach into the room as much as traditional tiles or thicker wall panels. Whilst this may mean you’re saving only millimetres, every little counts in a small room.

Find your perfect space-saving panels with us today.

If we’ve convinced you that bathroom wall panels are the ideal addition to your small bathroom, or if you have any queries about our range of wall panels, call our friendly, expert team today on 0800 22 77 77.

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