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Five Tips for Easy Composite Decking Maintenance

Five Tips for Easy Composite Decking Maintenance

You will be pleased to know that once you have purchased your National Plastics composite decking it requires very little maintenance, especially in comparison to timber decking, and only requires occasional cleaning. Here at National Plastics, we’ve put together a few recommendations that will help to keep your deck in tip top condition and looking like new for longer.

  1. Avoid placing hot objects on your composite deck - If you want to keep your composite decking looking its best, then do not place hot objects directly onto it. It is important to remember that composite decking is made from both wood and plastic and therefore placing a hot object onto your deck can distort the look of it. If you are using your decking area as an outdoor kitchen, you should ensure that you do not place appliances, such as a barbeque grill, directly onto your deck.
  2. Remove oil and grease spills immediately - Many of us use our decked areas for cooking, eating, drinking, and entertaining, which inevitably means there will be food and drink spills onto your composite decking. It is very important to remove these spills as quickly as possible to prevent stains forming. Specialist cleaning products are available and can be found online or in particular garden centres, but we do recommend reading the care instructions carefully before using.
  3. Don’t drag objects on a composite deck - This may sound obvious, but it is really important not to drag objects, such as furniture or flowerpots, over your composite decking boards. This will not only weaken the decking joist, but it will also scratch the surface of your decking. If you need to move any object around your deck, simply lift the object safely and carry it. For items such as furniture it’s a good idea to place protective pads on the feet to minimise gouges.
  4. Keep clear of debris - Although composite decking is extremely durable and long lasting, leaving dead leaves or natural debris on your decking for too long can lead to mold growth, as the leaves trap moisture onto your decking surface. To stop leaves from accumulating, simply remove by sweeping them with a brush. Regular sweeping of your composite decking will also ensure the removal of dirt and debris and keep your decking looking better for longer – always remember to check the gaps between the boards and clear any dirt and debris from between them. This to allow for easy passage of water so that puddles don’t form on your deck surface after rain.
  5. Remove snow and ice from your decking boards - Throughout the colder months it is likely that your composite decking will get icy or, even on the odd occasion, be covered in snow. It is important to remove this snow and ice from your deck to ensure it is safe to walk on. If there is only a light sprinkling of snow, an easy way to clear your deck is with a leaf blower or by simply sweeping the snow away – please never use a metal shovel or sharp-edged tool to clear your composite decking as they will cause permanent damage. Specific guidance on how to care for National Plastics reversible ribbed and grooved and wood grain composite decking boards can be found in our care and maintenance guides, or by getting in touch with a member of our technical team.

For more information about our composite decking ranges, please speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives who will be happy to help. You can contact them on 0800 22 77 77 or via LiveChat on our website.

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