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Useful Guidance and Advice on PVC Ceiling Panel Cleaning

Useful Guidance and Advice on PVC Ceiling Panel Cleaning

PVC ceiling wall panels are ideal for use in any room of your home, being easy to install and even easier to maintain, requiring only an occasional clean to keep them looking like new. But how should you clean your PVC ceiling panels? This blog will hopefully answer this question and help you clean your PVC ceiling panels perfectly.

Why Clean PVC Ceiling Panels?

PVC ceiling panels are extremely easy to maintain and whilst they are 100% waterproof, keeping them clean will help preserve their looks and prolong their lifespan.

How Often Should PVC Ceiling Panels be Cleaned?

Cleaning your PVC ceiling panels once a month should be enough to keep them sparkling, stunning and hygienic.

What Equipment Should I Use to Clean PVC Ceilings?

  • A sturdy step

  • Non-abrasive cleaner or very mild washing-up liquid

  • Warm water

  • Soft cloth

  • Microfibre cloth

    The Steps to Cleaning PVC Ceiling Panels

  1. Safety should always come first so make sure the surface you’re standing on is safe and sturdy. If someone else can be in the room whilst you’re cleaning the ceiling, even better.

  2. Start by applying warm water to your ceiling panels with the soft cloth. This will make cleaning the panels a lot easier.

  3. Once the entire ceiling is wet, you can apply the non-abrasive cleaner or washing up liquid, working it into a lather and spreading it across the ceiling with the soft cloth.

  4. Next, rinse the panels with warm water and a soft cloth, ensuring that all cleaning product and other residues are removed.

  5. Finally, wipe the panels dry with a clean microfibre cloth to help prevent streaks and provide a sparkling finish.

Advice and Best Practices for PVC Ceiling Cleaning

  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners or bleach, as both can cause permanent damage to the surface of PVC ceiling panels.

  •  Always use soft cloths when cleaning PVC ceiling panels to avoid scratching the surface of the panels.

  • Always ensure you’re safe when working at height or reaching for your ceilings.

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