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How to choose the best colour of PVC fascia and soffit for your home

How to choose the best colour of PVC fascia and soffit for your home

Many homeowners take as much pride in the look and finish of the outside of their home as they do with the inside. This has led to an increased demand for different colours and styles of outdoor house furniture, such as PVC fascia boards and soffits.

As uPVC fascias and soffits are designed to last and keep their looks for a long time, it is important to choose the right colour for your home first time. To help you make this decision, take a step back and really look at your home.

Consider the style and age of your house. For example, it may have rendered external walls, or it may be built out of a distinctive colour of brick. Both will have an impact on how your chosen colour of fascia and soffit boards will look once installed. You should also consider the colour of your window frames and external doors and choose a colour of fascia and soffit that complements these rather than detract from them.

When looking at the outside of your home, also try to envisage your chosen colour of fascia and soffit in situ. This may help you see the ‘finished picture’ and decide whether it is the best colour for you and your house.

There is now a wide range of coloured, foiled PVC fascias and soffits on the market, from classic white and black to modern grey. Wood grain effect soffits and fascias also come in a variety of finishes such as Rosewood or Black Ash, all specifically designed to enhance your home without being conspicuous.

white fascia and soffit could be considered the classic choice

A classic choice

White is the classic and most popular choice. Not only does it suit most homes, regardless of style, but it makes for a sharp, clean finish. Many of us also have white window and door frames, so white fascias and soffits will blend beautifully into the finished external aesthetic.

Contemporary sophistication

A more contemporary choice is anthracite grey. Once only considered a suitable option for urban, modern dwellings, anthracite grey is now a popular choice for those who want to give their homes a more modern appeal. Grey soffits and fascias can look sophisticated on any style of house, but will work best with complementary grey window frames.

anthracite grey fascia and soffit is now a popular choice
Black fascia and soffit can be extremely effective on white rendered houses

Back to black

A third colour option for your soffits and fascias is black. Although considered harsh by some, black can be extremely effective on white houses – either older buildings or those with a white rendered finish – and can provide a clean, distinctive finish.

Wonderful wood

Wood effect soffits and fascias offer a beautiful, natural finish for any style of home, and with colours such as Rosewood, Black Ash, and Sherwood Brown now available, you will be sure to find a shade that suits.

Wood effect fascia and soffits offer a beautiful, natural finish


Choosing the right colour uPVC soffit and fascia can make all the difference to the outside look and feel of your house.

By following this guide, you should be able to choose the best colour for your home. However, if you’re still unsure, a reputable company will be able to offer advice and guide you towards the right choice.

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