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How Much Do Shower Wall Panels Cost?

How Much Do Shower Wall Panels Cost?

This is not a question that has a definitive answer. As with all wall coverings - from traditional ceramic tiles to paint - the cost of shower wall panels varies across the market. The number of shower wall panels you need to complete your project will also have an impact on the cost of your shower refurbishment.

Factors that Impact the Price

Whilst this list is not exhaustive, we’ve taken a look at a few factors that could impact the price of your new shower wall panels.

The quality of the composition

The most obvious factor is quality. The adage ‘you get what you pay for’ is very true! The more you pay for your shower wall panels the better quality they are most likely to be. The quality of the shower wall panel may also affect its durability and longevity, so if you are looking for a wall covering that last, do not opt for the cheapest option.

The design

An ornate design or an embossed surface may have a bearing on the price of a shower wall panel. This will most likely be due to a more intricate manufacturing process which costs more than creating a standard, flat wall panel.

Panel size

The size and shape of the wall panel may also have an effect on the price, for example, the larger the wall panel the more expensive it is most likely to be.

Wall size

Another obvious factor is the size of the wall you are covering. This will dictate the number of panels you need and therefore the cost. Also, the size of the panel you choose will have an impact on cost – for example, you may choose to use larger panels, which means less panels are needed to complete the project.

How Many Shower Wall Panels do you Require?

Ensuring you have the right amount of shower wall panels for your project is key. This is achieved by correctly measuring your wall, which in turn enables you to work out how many panels you need. Here are a few tips which will help you reach the right number!

Measure your wall

Firstly, you need to measure the wall you wish to cover with your shower wall panels. The size of your wall will dictate how many bathroom wall panels you need to purchase – and maybe even which design of wall panel you choose.

Choose your shower wall panel

There are numerous different wall panel designs and styles to choose from – from classic marble and traditional tile effects to contemporary wood and sparkle designs – so you are sure to find a shower wall panel that suits you and your bathroom.

Wall panels also come in a variety of sizes, so the dimensions of your shower may have a bearing on which wall panel you choose. For example, if you have a wet room, with a lot of walls to cover, a larger wall panel will make for a faster more cost-effective option.

Use our ‘Panel Calculator’

Once you have chosen your shower wall panel, you now need to work out how many panels you need to complete your renovation. This may sound daunting, but by using the National Plastics ‘Panel Calculator’, it could not be simpler.

On most product pages there is a ‘Panel Calculator’ tool which enables you find out how many wall panels you need to order. This handy tool is extremely easy to use – you simply enter the width of the wall you want to cover, in either inches or centimetres, and the calculator tool will do the rest. Our wall panels are varying widths and lengths, so it is important to use the calculator on each specific product page.

How to Calculate the Cost of Shower Wall Panels

Once you have calculated how many shower panels you need, you simply multiply the number of shower panels by the cost of an individual panel. This will give you the total cost of your shower wall panels.

Hopefully, we’ve provided you with a starting point for calculating the cost of your new shower wall panels. But if you’d like further guidance or have any queries, call our friendly expert team on 0800 22 77 77 today.

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