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Curb Mould and Mildew: Bathroom Wall Panels' Resistance & Prevention Tips

Curb Mould and Mildew: Bathroom Wall Panels' Resistance & Prevention Tips

Curb Mould and Mildew: Bathroom Wall Panels' Resistance & Prevention Tips

Mould and mildew are not only unsightly, leaving hard to remove black marks on walls, grouting, and tiles, but they are also unhygienic and can create an unhealthy environment. But what causes mould and mildew and how can you prevent it? This blog aims to answer these questions and help you to keep your bathroom mould and mildew free.

Causes of mould and mildew in bathrooms

There are a few reasons why mould and mildew develop in your bathroom. The most common being:

  • Condensation and excess moisture caused by lack of ventilation.
  • Leaking pipes, toilets, showers, and other bathroom fixtures seeping into plasterboard, wood and grout.
  • Damp materials such as grout, shower curtains, and towels, provide the perfect breeding grounds for mould and mildew.

Resistance of Bathroom Wall Panels to Mould and Mildew

Bathroom wall panels are the ideal solution to preventing mould and mildew developing in your bathroom. This is due to several features:

  • PVC wall panels are 100% waterproof, which means water can not seep through the panel onto the surface beneath.
  • Bathroom wall panels do not need any grout during the installation process. As grout attracts mould and mildew if not cleaned regularly, this lack of grout helps prevent mould developing.
  • Unlike traditional tiles, which have many joins and therefore several places for water to seep through, bathroom wall panels are designed to have minimal joins.

Tips for Preventing Mould and Mildew

Whilst there are ways and means of removing mould and mildew, prevention is always better than cure. Luckily, there are a few simple tricks to help prevent mould and mildew taking hold of your bathroom:

  • Regular Cleaning

Keeping your bathroom clean on a regular basis is a simple and straight forward way of helping to prevent moisture build up and therefore mould developing.

  • Removing Excess Moisture

Wiping surfaces clean of moisture will help to prevent moisture accumulation and consequently mould.

  • Allow Shower Curtains and Towels to Dry

Ensuring that all materials, such as shower curtains, bathmats or towels, are left open or hung up for a while will help them to dry more effectively and prevent the creation of mould.

  • Ventilation

Ventilation is key to preventing mildew and mould. Keeping windows open whilst showering and bathing will help, whilst installing a fan will enable you to ventilate a room all year round.

  • Plants

Not only to do plants look beautiful and create a calming ambience, but they also help to draw moisture out of the air, reducing the amount of condensation and preventing mould.

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