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Bathroom Wall Panels Textures

Bathroom Wall Panels Textures

The tactile nature of textured bathroom wall panels will add a different dimension to your bathroom. Whether you choose the smooth evenness of classic marble, the refined ruggedness of industrial concrete, the attractive abrasiveness of stone, or the natural rippled warmth of wood, you are guaranteed a unique finish which perfectly emulates the beauty of the natural material.

What are textured wall panels?

Textured wall panels are decorative wall coverings designed to add visual interest and a tactile dimension to interior walls. These panels are manufactured with a variety of materials and patterns to create a three-dimensional, textured surface that can be both visually appealing and pleasing to the touch.

Benefits of using wall panel textures

Enhanced aesthetics

Textured wall panels do not simply look like the material they are imitating, but they feel like it. This tactile realistic aesthetic adds another level to the design of your bathroom, enabling you to create a truly authentic finish.

Durability and maintenance

Textured wall panels have the same construction as standard flat wall panels and are just as durable and long-lasting. They are also extremely simple to maintain, requiring only a wipe with a clean, warm damp cloth to keep them hygienic and looking like new.

Types of textures available

There is an array of different textured wall panels, each with its own unique finish and visual appeal. Our grey concrete textured wall panels enable you to create a truly individual, industrial look, whilst the Roccia textured tile perfectly emulates the feel and sensation of natural grey stone.


Textured wall panels are extremely easy to install, requiring only basic tools and no specialist skills. The key is to measure correctly and follow the manufacturers instructions. Our step-by-step installation guide provides you with everything you need to know about installing your new textured wall panels, from which tools you need and how to start your installation to how to ensure a professional finish.

Conclusion and design ideas

Textured wall panels allow you to create a true representation of your vision, but at a fraction of the cost and in less time than using real materials. Create an 'industrial chic' bathroom with textured concrete wall panels, a naturally inspired interior with tactile textured stone wall panels, or an opulent luxurious 'Rococo' aesthetic with colour and texture - the possibilities really are endless.

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